Tracking Number Policy

The following waiting times are mandatory to be posted by store owners. They should be posted clearly and concisely so that customers are 100% clear on tracking.

These wait times go on product listings, FAQs, and in all order confirmation emails.

We also highly recommend store owners immediately notify their customers in regards to their tracking number availability in the order confirmation email once a customer has successfully submitted an order in their store.

Tracking numbers will be made immediately available ‘after’ an order has been processed.

Please see the leed times for the products that are listed below.


All Print Trendz Products: 5-7 days after order processing.


Tracking numbers will be sent automatically to customers via email that they provide in their order.

Website To Track Their Orders

www.17track.net/en for international orders

https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction_input  for U.S. orders.


Your Customers Tracking Delivery Numbers

The maximum numbers of days are listed below. This is when tracking numbers will be provided to your customer after an order is processed.


All in-stock products ordered: 7-10 days after order processing.


If in the rare circumstance a customer has for some reason not received a tracking number and it the number of days listed in the chart for the product has passed after the order has been processed - then, the store owner can thereby request to have an order resent.

It is important to note that reshipment times are the same as regular order times.

In the rare circumstance the customer claims they never received the package delivery and the tracking number shows it was successfully delivered to the address provided by the customer we highly suggest they contact the courier in the local area where it was delivered, or in the case of a missed delivery that they attempt to reschedule another delivery.

There will be no replacements nor will there be refunds issued on items that show that they were successfully delivered.
Print Trendz shall never assume liability when a customer provides incorrect address information that results in missed delivery attempts by the couriers. information provided by customers or missed delivery attempts by couriers.

International: In some areas there is no ‘final destination tracking’. In this scenario if the customer states they never received their order, Print Trendz will then resend the order only after 45 days has elapsed.

* Keep in mind that International Orders take longer as they are global deliveries and the product packages must go thru customs.


Delivery Time Estimates By Product:


Production Time: 5-7 Days

US, UK, CA, AUS Delivery Time Estimates: 10-25 Days
(With Destination Tracking)

US, UK, CA, AUS orders that have not arrived within 30 days of order ships are eligible for free reshipment.

Other international orders that have not arrived within 45 days of order processing are eligible for free reshipment.


US Orders

Orders that have not experienced ‘successful delivery’ that has been more than 45 days from when the order was successfully shipped then the store owner may request from Print Trendz to have the order resent.


All Other International Orders

If an ‘International Order’ has not experienced ‘successful delivery’ that has been more than 60 days from when the order was successfully shipped then the store owner may request from Print Trendz to have the order resent.

Delivery Time Disclaimers

Print Trendz reserves the right to extend, modify and/or nullify the 45-60 day reshipment policy in some circumstances due to random events or ‘Acts of God’ such as adverse weather conditions, political unrest, or postal worker labor disputes that may impact

various delivery locations.

Order Modification Policy

Once an order has been ‘successfully processed’ changes and/or cancellations cannot take place under any circumstances.

It’s important to understand the ‘why’ behind this.

You see, once the order is processed it is sent to our production team automatically in the factory that puts it into the ‘production queue’.

This is so that we can expedite the process and pass the savings onto you.

However, Print Trendz can in most cases within a 24-hour time frame assist in the following scenarios:

Removing items from an order

Change or update shipping address

Change or update email address

Change or update customer’s name

 Payment Policy

Print Trendz works within an automated, systemised production capacity. This means that all orders must be paid for within 48 hours from the time your customer places the order and we receive it from your store.

Sellers and/or store owners who fail to do so must cease selling or be banned from the app.

It is important to note that you must have autopay setup within the app and have 2 valid forms of payment on file at all times. Failure to cooperate will result in being banned from the app all together.

Print Trendz will not be liable for losses in under any circumstances due to delays caused by your delinquency of payments.

Print Trendz is not liable for losses due to delays caused by delinquent payments.

Refund Policy


Items Damaged or Poor Quality

If for some reason an item is damaged or shippy with poor print quality, then you must send us a high-quality image of the print or damaged area.

Print Trendz will replace any items that suffer from poor print quality or were damaged at no additional cost. Please note that if the result of the poor quality was related to the design the responsibility to replace the item will fall on said store owner.

Print Trendz will not be responsible or held liable for items damaged during the shipping process. We will replace the damaged items if it is in relation to a production error or defect.

Wrong Product Shipped/Missing Items

In the unfortunate event that we ship the wrong product to your customer you must send us a photo showing what they received vs what they ordered.

We will review it. Once confirmed that the wrong item was shipped we will will replace the item at no additional cost to you.

If there was a missing item in the order - let us know, and we will package that item up promptly to send out to the customer. We do want to make sure that item gets to the customer.

Design Issues

If there are any complaints in regards to and/or about the design of a product with printing, then it is required that you submit to us a photo.

Reshipment will only be issued at the sole discretion of Print Trendz if there is a substantial difference from the printed design of the item that was received from the artwork that was submitted.

We fully investigate each and every case. We will work diligently to provide a satisfactory resolutions for both you and your customer.

Sizing Issues

Our shoes are true to size and under no circumstance will a replacement be issued due to size. Please make sure to post a copy of the size chart on your site to insure your customer is aware of the size they are ordering.


Package Returned To Sender

The seller must complete address verification. No guess work.

If a package is returned - we will reship for a small fee. At the end of the day the customer is responsible for knowing where they can get their package or where they live.

Under no circumstances will Print Trendz refund nor will we assume liability for orders returned do to incorrect address information. That includes and is not limited to incorrect addresses, or missed deliveries.

Additional reshipment can be requested by sellers. In these cases the seller will have to bear the responsibility for any and all fees associated for these extra attempts at delivery to the customer.

It should be noted that Print Trends will under no circumstances issue refunds, and/or credits to the sender. The turnaround time for any and all reshipment will be the same as regular orders and therefore cannot be expedited.

Make sure you read over our tracking number policy here.

Design Uploads

Print Trendz will not under any circumstances be deemed or held liable for printing or delivery delayed that are related to complications which arise from flawed designs that have been uploaded by store owners.

Print Trendz is not liable for printing or delivery delays related to complications arising from flawed designs being uploaded by store owners.

Software Application Policy

For more details about our Policy please visit our Terms & Privacy page.

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